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IT solutions and marketing company with experience in complex projects.

We have strong interest in development of client zones

How can we help a business.

IT City became flexible and well known company. We are IT solutions and marketing company with experience in complex projects. IT City specialize in Software development, Web development, E-commerce development, Mobile APP development, marketing for small and medium companies. As a team we pay great attention to innovations and trends.

Our clients appreciate us not only for our work done, but also for our know how and provision of advice. Furthermore, we highly value partnership and progress.


We work in these countries.

It is easier to improve when working with companies from different countries. Various projects provide wide range of experience and more modern approach to projects for Lithuanian and foreign companies. After implementing customers’ requirements, we capture and analyze KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and carry out actions for improvement.

  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

I am pleased to work together and move forward. The reason for success is that we always strive to harmonize creativity with business principles. Every year brings new challenges, which our team resolves. I know this will be the case in the future too.

The companies must communicate with customers, otherwise they will remain unappreciated, unknown and with untapped potential.

Our company’s goal is not only to maintain market position in providing IT and marketing services, but also to keep developing IT products which are used by both, Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Sarunas Belickas

Managing Director