It is a mobile application that allows you to quickly get to know and communicate with new people. There is no need for registration or password to use the APP which makes it super easy!

Project process

The task

To create a mobile APP which would let people to communicate and get to know each other more easily.

IT City developed a unique algorithm

A unique algorithm groups people on the map by their location, and other, individual, features. We have created the ability to send messages to either one person, or group.


Mobile APP design

You can download the application from App store


The ChatPin APP developed by IT City is a new way to get to know and communicate with new people. A unique algorithm groups the user with other people by their location and other individual features, making it even easier to communicate.

Mobile applications are not only for entertainment purpose but also a business tool, so we offer APP development as a tool for improving your business or facilitating everyday processes.

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