Citma is one of the largest import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables companies in Lithuania. Its main activity is wholesale and retail trade of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Project process

Client zone, administration zone and warehouse zone development

This software was created using Laravel framework. Furthermore, we implemented QR code scanning module which gives a possibility for warehousekeeper to faster review and edit clients’ orders.


Integration of the accounting software Rivilė


IT City has developed individual designs for the client zone, administration zone and warehouse zone. Also, we created design for tablet, because the tablet is the main tool of work in the warehouse.


Project management

At the start of every project, IT City analyzes client’s requirements and plans project process. Also, the obstacles are identified.


Business processes

Prototype is the necessary part of the client zone development process. The prototype is needed to provide all the features that will be available, as well as to facilitate the work during development.


Mobile APP

Besides everything, we provided an APP for the Citma – Citva clients which can be used to order fresh fruits and vegetables even easier and quicker.


Kaip naudoti Citma - Citva klientų užsakymų savitarną?

Norėdami užtikrinti vartotojų sklandų darbą savitarnoje, sukūrėme vaizdo įrašą, kuriame Citma – Citva klientai turės galimybę sužinoti, kaip valdyti, sukurti užsakymus.
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Client zone

Explore other designs


IT City team has developed a product according to Citma requirements. This helpful tool will help not only Citma clients and customers, but Citma employees as well. We have presented the client zone, administration zone for Citma managers, also warehousekeeper zone. Furthermore, we created a mobile APP that lets order fresh fruits and vegetables even faster. Download Android APP: .
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