Hyper Sauna is a team of sauna professionals. It is Finnish company from Helsinki that is skilled in delivering an authentic atmosphere and is committed to top-level standards and precision in crafting work.

Project process


When designing a logo, we considered these aspects: minimalism; less colors the better; enduring value.



Showroom development

Considering the requirements of the client, we have developed 3D visualizations and a sauna simulator, where customers can view and change the sauna layout, lighting, stoves, etc.



Designing the website

When designing the website, designers tried to keep it warm, eye-catching. We did not want to put too much text, but to maintain the balance between design elements, text and white space.

We have chosen yellow and dark blue colors which perfectly match and reflects the spirit of sauna.



Website is running on Wordpress Content Management System



Responsive design

Hyper Sauna titlepage

Visit at: www.hypersauna.com

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Hyper Sauna - one more example of IT City quality

IT City team fulfilled client's requirements and created high quality design and then developed the website itself.

This project was a fine example of collaboration between digital company and its client. The client from Helsinki willingly participated in creating logo and website design, also in creation of text and content. Therefore, the website was published on time.

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