Smart Lotto

This is a new smart lottery. The popularity will unite to play all the Baltic states. This is a unique and having no analogous lottery which allows players to win spectacular sums of money.

Project process

Mobile APP prototype

First of all, a prototype of a mobile application was developed. This is a great tool for evaluating programming costs and time, and it’s much easier to resolve issues that arise during prototype building than the actual development.



Mobile APP design


Lottery types of Smart Lotto

Smart Lotto includes 8 lottery types: MINI, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Half a year and Year lotteries. All tickets in every lottery cost 2€.


Project management team - 20 SPECIALISTS


2 project managers Team of lawyers
Technical manager IT security expert
Prototype specialist APP and WEB designer
API developer iOS developer
Laravel developer Android developer
WordPress developer HTML developer
WordPress administrator 2 Testers
Advertising specialist Facebook advertising specialist
Advertising director


Development of Web APP

We have created an opportunity for players to play not only on their smart phones, but also on the Internet. Internet version of the lottery has no differences. Both versions are connected to each other.



Development of broadcast design and organization of filming

Lottery winners will be published via broadcasts on the website and on Facebook. IT City took care of the broadcast design and filming process.


Development of management system

Management system is absolutely necessary to ensure safe and smooth lottery running. At the start, the prototype was created as well to show how processes in the lottery will have influence its management.


IT security

IT security is one of the main aspects of development of the lottery. Because of that, IT City implemented modern security technologies which will help to ensure fluent APP operation.


Management of Smart Lotto social media and advertising

IT City took care of Smart Lotto social media development and management: Facebook, Instagram, Google+. Besides, our professionals created two months advertising campaign for Facebook,, Google, which will be continued after the period.


Creation of text and content for the Smart Lotto website

Creation of text and content is one of the IT City services.


Website design

Visit website at or download the APP from App store or Google Play


IT City has provided all the components that allow the lottery to start successfully. We have created a logo, a mobile application, a website and a management zone. IT City will continue to take care of Smart Lotto mobile application - will provide technical support.
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