Every business sector has its own specifics

After analyzing the completed projects, we have highlighted the sectors in which we have the most experience and can provide useful advices for our clients.


After creating business management tool or marketing services provided, we learn the results, we go through the process in the subtleties of a particular market. This experience allows us to complete successful projects more accurately, faster and more efficiently.


We can safely say that we have a lot of experience and knowledge in these business sectors:

  • • Fintech
  • • Logistics
  • • Commerce and warehouse management
  • • Health care services
  • • Social networks
  • • Care and other services

Self-service and client zone

We want to outline that currently we are working at many integrated projects. At first, we create a website, then we provide marketing services and at the same time we integrate business processes, for example, we develop client zone, which allows to manage orders, see accounting information, statistics and other business processes. Furthermore, we transfer self-service or client zone to mobile app.